• Video boards
  • Touchpoints
  • Advantages
  • Advertising in
    XXL format.

    Video boards are the optical highlights in digital out of home
    advertising. These boards in extraordinary size present
    spots and advertising in pin sharp appearance
    and high luminosity.

    Video boards are only placed in prominent locations
    with a high audience frequency. Due to their impressive
    and excellent positioning they are a very special
    highlight in huge national campaigns.

    Your advertising message goes down well!

  • Advertisement
    in motion.

    No matter if TV-Spot, animation, fixed-image, digital
    banner or ticker: Hundreds of advertising impulses.
    And thousands are watching! With the fascination
    of the movingdigital image. Large-scaled like a poster, moving
    like a television picture, faster and better as a daily paper.

    Appealing and attention generating, day and night. Your
    campaign scheduled to the split second, your brand
    strengthened in long-term. Our video boards are located
    at the most famous and most frequented places in Germany.
    Large-scaled, striking and highly visible.

    We are where your customers are!

  • What DOOH

    The „Digital Out Of Home“ solutions of EyeScreens
    are the trend of the 21st century in case of
    customer communication.

    • Efficient communication
    • High attention
    • Maximum flexibility due to real-time monitoring
    • Versatile field of application
    • Cross media implementation
    • Moving picture & interactivity

    With DOOH always up to date!